Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 71 – Let’s Talk About Sex!

Talking about sex with our kids is extremely important. Someone is going to help our children form their views on sex and sexuality, and as parents, we must be intentional if we want that someone to be us! God created sex, but Satan, sinful nature and society have warped the modern view of this sensitive issue. We must help our children to gain God’s view of sex.

In this episode we discuss the reasons we must talk to our kids about this topic. We address the earlier age of puberty and exposure to sexual content in our society, which forces us as parents to begin thinking about how to share our perspective earlier.

Some of the ideas we share on how to approach these discussions are:

  • Change our approach from confrontation to process. We don’t want to just have one factual conversation, but rather an ongoing series of discussions and reflections on the topics of sex, emotions, and relationships (and consequences) over time.
  • Be observant. Notice your children’s curiosities. Be aware of moments you can use to share truth. Ask questions and listen to gain perspective on where they need clarity.
  • Do some research. Make sure you are sharing a clear view of God’s design for sex and relationships. 1 Corinthians is a great place to start for finding the boundaries and lines. Hosea is another good resource to see how serious God takes sexual misconduct but also how gracious and redemptive He can be when we fail.

Parents continue to have the biggest influence on how their children view relationships. Let’s take the opportunity to help shape their perspective on this very important topic.

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