“Is That Normal?”

As a Youth Pastor of almost 20 years, this is a question I have been often asked by fearful parents. As those responsible for the shaping of fragile young lives, we want to be sure we aren’t totally messing up their futures.

I have increasingly seen my role as one of parental support, as much as discipler of young people. So out of the desire to be a better resource for parents, I’ve decided to start a podcast. We will be launching later this month. I will be joined by one of my long time youth volunteers – Randell Boggs, as we explore topics such as technology, communicating with teenagers, having good conversations about socially hot topics, and spiritual development. We will also be highlighting lots of other great resources that can help us lead our children through adolescence into adulthood, particularly encouraging them to follow Christ.

Our podcast will be roughly twenty minutes an episode, releasing every Tuesday. Hope to have you join us soon!

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