Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 70 – What To Do When Your Kids Come Back!

While it’s not often what we had envisioned, it is a reality that more and more adult children are living at home longer or returning home for a period of time. In this episode we talk about some of the cultural factors that are causing this trend.

We also talk about some of the important questions that parents need to ask in those situations (These questions are modified from content from Fuller Youth Institute’s book Growing With):

  • Do they have a plan?
  • Is there an end date?
  • What will be their financial contribution?
  • What will be their household responsibilities?
  • Do they need to communicate when they’ll be out for dinner or coming home after a certain hour?
  • What are their boundaries?

At the end of the discussion, we need to realize that intentional communication and remembering the long term goal are extremely important. As always, we invite you to connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, our website, or email us at

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