A Fifth Tuesday Recommendation!

Today is the fifth Tuesday in March and, while we won’t be having a new episode of our podcast this week, we wanted to recommend another great resource!

A few weeks ago, our church attended a youth conference where Arlene Pellicane was the speaker. She was energetic and interesting and told us all to burn our phones! The teenagers loved it! Seriously!

Arlene teaching at the 2022 Collide Retreat in Branson, MO.

Arlene is a speaker and an author who combines her love for Jesus, her experience parenting, and her research into technology to help families navigate some of the difficulties of living in a digital age. She’s written several books, hosts a podcast, and even has a Masterclass!

We want you to encourage you to check out Arlene’s resources. Our suggested place to start is a recent episode of the Happy Home Podcast where she talks about the wonder of creation with guest Louie Giglio. Louie is a pastor, author, and one of my favorite speakers!

So check that out and then plan to join us next Tuesday with a brand new episode of our podcast! Until then, Be Abnormal!