Meet the Team

Mark Elliott has been the youth pastor at Calvary Chapel FWB Church in Buffalo, MO since somewhere near the turn of the century (21st Century that is). He has been married to his high school sweetheart Shannon for over 20 years. God has given them six insanely complex children who bless them and challenge them each day. He loves french-pressed coffee, ironic music, and existential films. He also has pretty good evidence that he caused Joshua Harris to kiss dating goodbye (but he did not cause Harris to kiss Jesus goodbye).

Randell Boggs has been involved with youth ministry since he was one (since he was a youth, not literally since he was 1 year old). He is also the worship leader for Calvary Chapel in Buffalo Missouri. He is married to his Hallmark Channel-loving wife Clara who also loves serving in middle school ministry and leading worship. He enjoys both kinds of music, Country and Western. His knowledge of strange and insignificant facts specifically about music is borderline concerning. He loves to catfish (actually catching the fish, not pretending to be someone else online) and wear flannel.