Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 92 – Fun on a Budget!

With summer almost upon us, many families are planning their seasonal vacations. We want to encourage you to plan to make a trip – even if it’s just some day trips – with your family this summer as a way to build relationships and memories.

In this episode we talk about Carlos Whittaker and his family. They are a very interesting group of people that Randell and Mark have followed for years. (If you’ve never seen their viral video “Single Ladies Devastation” you should take a minute to do so now!). In Episode 18 of his podcast Human Hope, Carlos and his wife talk about their vacation hacks.

Their podcast struck a chord with us and so we wanted to share some of our vacation hacks as well. Here’s some highlights from our ideas:

  • Carpool to multiply the gas budget
  • Look for State Park Camping sights or reasonable Airbnbs near your planned destination to save on lodging.
  • Consider packing and cooking some of your own food. Mark’s family uses a “one-meal-out-a-day” rule on vacations.
  • Travel to places where there are lots of free things to do. St.Louis is one of the best places in America for free attractions for families.
  • Vacation out of season to beat the crowds and find deals.
  • Find rhythms and routines for your family that maximize funds and create expectations of fun!

We hope you can plan to make some memories with your family this summer. We’d also love for you to share your vacation ideas and stories with us! Be Abnormal!

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