Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 77 – What To Do With Disagreeable Opinions

If you live with other humans, you are going to have conflict. In this episode, Mark and Randell discuss some approaches to making conflict a positive in your family’s story. If you missed our last episode – ITN Episode 76: Personality Profiles, Reaction Scales, and Emotion Grids – make sure to go back and check it out. (We reference it a ton in this episode!)

Here’s some things we shared that have really worked for us: 

  • MODEL RIGHT BEHAVIOR. We’ve got to model how to handle and respond to conflict if we expect our kids to do the same.
  • FIND THE ROOT. Conflict comes from somewhere. We need to take the time and make space to find out what the underlying issues are.
  • SET BOUNDARIES. Set the ground rules on what is and isn’t okay in a conflict.
  • CREATE A CULTURE OF GRACE. True grace forgives but it stands up for truth. It demands right things. It values people over problems. It doesn’t leave anyone behind. 

Remember, conflict isn’t bad – unhealthy and unresolved conflict is bad – but healthy conflict creates change and makes us better. Until next time, Be Abnormal.

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