Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 52 – Happy Birthday To Us!!

We are so excited to have spent a year sharing thoughts and resources on how to navigate teens and young adults towards a life of following Christ. 

In this episode we share a lot of our heart behind this podcast as well as a bunch of fun stories about youth ministry and ourselves. You’ll have to listen to the episode to get all of that great content, but we do want to encourage you to subscribe to our email list for a chance to win some great resources. You can do so by visiting and entering your email address in the field on the right sidebar. We also want to hear from you. Leave us a review or a comment for a chance to get an Is That Normal? Podcast sticker!

Thank you for listening to our podcast and we pray that something we share can help you further lead your family and your children towards following Christ with their lives. We are looking forward to a great Year Two! Until next week – Be Abnormal!

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