Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 53 – Fostering Faith that Lasts for a Lifetime

As we start off on year two of our podcast, we want to spend the next few weeks talking about how we foster a faith that lasts a lifetime. A lot of our concepts come from Richard Ross’ book Youth Ministry that lasts a Lifetime.

If you’re just joining our podcast, we encourage you to go back and check out some of our prior episodes. Here are a few we highly recommend:

In this first part of a three part series, we talk about some of the problems with the current models of faith development for teenagers and some of the view changes parents can start making.

Two big action areas for parents are:

  • Evaluating your goals. Getting your children involved in faith and church is not so that they will be happy, secularly successful, or sin free. We have to be constantly reviewing the discipleship goals for our children to make sure we are encouraging them to love God, love others, pursue worship and faith, and know how to grow closer to God on their own, as well as lead others along with them.
  • Committing to getting involved. As we’ve said numerous times, parents are the first and best youth leaders. Start praying about how you can take an active part in your child’s spiritual development.

Join us next week for part two. Until then, Be Abnormal!

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