Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 80 – Do You See What I See?

In this episode, we take a look at worldviews!

In this diverse world, there are numerous ways to look at life. We just have to help ourselves and the young people in our lives find the right one! Here’s some of the highlights of our discussion.

Every worldview answers what it believes about six key things:

  • God
  • Humanity
  • Salvation
  • Authority
  • Time
  • Jesus

Here’s a few starting points on how to connect our families to the right worldview:

  • Ask them what they think their worldview is.
  • Lean towards exploration rather than indoctrination
  • Begin looking for “worldview moments” and point them out.
  • Share why you hold to your worldview.

If you are looking for some further resources, check out Focus on the Family and Sean McDowell’s website. Also, if you are interested in that Grow Games and Icebreakers App, check it out here. Until next time…Be Abnormal!

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