Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 32 – Hot Sauce and Jawbones

In today’s episode, we discuss an unexpected drop-in to a friend’s house that ended two hours later with leaving with hot sauce and a jawbone. And we learned some lessons about being “in the moment” with our family too.

As we navigate life, often the “to-do” lists, expectations, and responsibilities begin crowding in on our ability to stop and enjoy the moment we are in. Today we gleaned some principles to help us resist that tendency:

  1. Follow Jesus’ example of being relaxed. Jesus shows us over and over again that he was not worried or anxious in the face of storms, crowds, obstacles, or even death. We need to follow His example of remembering what is important and who is in control.
  2. Be a part of the process of people. As parents and disciple makers we must remember the goal is progress in being who God called us to be. Every moment is an opportunity for us to invest in that process with the people around us.
  3. Embrace the biblical concept of whimsy. God often shows His love for us in spontaneous and unexpected ways. We need to learn to do the same for our kids. Take the time to play, offer adventure, and give simple but meaningful gifts.
  4. See things through a child’s eyes. In Luke 18 we see Jesus rebuke His disciples for keeping the children from coming to Him because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these children. We must remember that kids are soaking up the big world around them and every situation can be a teachable moment to introduce them further to the maker of that world.

So take some time this week. Relax. Play. Live in the moment. And learn more about the Jesus that we follow. Be Abnormal.

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