IS THAT NORMAL? Podcast – Episode 17 NOTES

In this EPISODE, we have the privilege to interview Dr. Ron Hunter, the CEO of Randall House and the director of D6 Conference. D6 is an event, a curriculum, and a philosophy based off of Deuteronomy 6:1-9. From this scriptural challenge to parents, Dr. Hunter has created a family discipleship filter for all of his organization’s offerings.

In this interview, he covers some great places for parents to start fostering faith in their homes. He also gives us lots of great resource ideas.

  1. This website is full of blog posts, podcasts, book links, and parent prompts.
  2. The D6 Family App – this app, available at the App Store on your phone totally for free, has a database of questions for parents and families to use in building healthy communications. It also has parent activities and other resource links.
  3. The Heart of Your Teen by Lissy Rienow is a great book for the parents of teens.
  4. Family Faith Talks is a great resource for families with smaller children at home.

In the end, Dr. Hunter strongly encourages parents to do the hard work of making connections with their child and learning to ask good questions, but he also acknowledges it isn’t easy. So…Stay the course…Ask the Questions…Embrace the Awkward…Have Fun….and when we make these things consistent in our lives, we’ll find the Abnormal becoming Normal!

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