Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 59 – Top Eight Trends Parents Need to Know for 2021

With the start of the New Year, we’ve made a few changes around here!

We are going to an every other week format for our actual podcasts. However, we will be increasing our supplemental posting content to provide different ways to interact with important resources for raising teens and young adults who follow Christ. With that in mind, we’ve started our own Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel. We also will be making those posts available at our website – We hope you will connect with us and join the conversation!

In today’s episode, we talk about eight trends all parents should be aware of:

  1. Normal is Being Redefined. We like this one!
  2. Mental health issues, isolation, and loneliness are on the rise.
  3. We live in a blaming culture.
  4. Gender issues will continue to rise. And we have to be a part of the discussion or our children will let someone else help them form their ideas about this topic.
  5. Teens and Young Adults have only ever known a Post-Christian society.
  6. They are On-Demand Content Consumers. Our job is to help them monitor and curate what they are consuming!
  7. “I’m my own brand!” We must help our young people find their identity in the right way.
  8. They don’t feel safe talking…in traditional platforms. We have to be super-sleuths at asking good questions and being available to talk.

Join us in two weeks for our next podcast episode. In the meantime watch for supplemental content, check out our social media channels, and Be Abnormal!

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