Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 60 – With Just Cause

In today’s culture, everyone is getting behind a cause. In this episode, Mark and Randell give some ideas on how to help the young people in your life evaluate causes they are interested in:

  1. Is it biblical. To be a worthwhile cause, it must line up with the truths of Scripture.
  2. Is it sustainable. Is this a cause that can make a longterm impact for them and the people they are trying to help.
  3. Does it fit with other callings in your community? Not that this has to be the case, but one way God leads us is by the people and community He puts around us. We need to see if there is another option already available that’s making a similar impact.
  4. Does it flow from the source cause? Ultimately everyone is created to worship God and make Him known to others. This cause should be the foundation and fuel for all other causes we would consider getting involved with.

To help the youth at our particular church, we are currently using Dare 2 Share’s Full Circle curriculum to help understand and engage in that source cause of sharing our hope in Christ. If you are a parent at our church, we’d challenge you to ask your teenager about what they are learning. If you aren’t we’d encourage you to check out Dare 2 Share and the resources they have for young people. Until next time, Be Abnormal!

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