Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 58 – Why Family Trees Are Worth Cultivating

In this both fun and reflective episode, we explore family trees and our places in them. For everyone sending us an email at by midnight on January 30, 2020, we will enter you in a drawing for a DNA + Family Tree Bundle from

In addition to talking about some fun and challenging things about their personal family trees, Randell and Mark encourage parents and significant adults to cultivate thought about how our family fosters faith from generation to generation. Here’s a few ideas on how to do that:

  • Share your story. Talking through the good, bad and ugly of your life story and your journey of faith can help young people place their own path in perspective.
  • Read through the genealogies of the Bible. Often thought of as boring, these lists of family connections actually have a lot to say about how God uses messy families to do His work. Start with the genealogy in Matthew 1 and talk about the shortcomings and redemptions found there.
  • Get out the photo album. Take time to sit with your kids and show them some of your family history. Pass on the stories and the connections.
  • Talk about your children’s legacy. Challenge them to think about what they want their story to be and then help them work backwards to their current decisions.
  • Pray together! Your young people need you to pray with them more now than ever.

Don’t forget to send us an email with some fun family facts to enter our drawings. Until 2021, Be Abnormal!

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