IS THAT NORMAL? Podcast – Episode 8 NOTES

In today’s EPISODE we explore the concept of rites of passage. For both of us, coffee was a huge part of that process as children and still plays a huge part in our lives today. If you’d like to try some of that Duran Brand Panamanian coffee, you can order it here.

More important than coffee, however, is the sense of development, independence, and expectation healthy rites of passage and significant tasks can build in a young person’s life. This experience, once a clear part of becoming an adult in society, is largely disappearing.

Here’s a just a few of the ideas we discussed to help keep this important concept alive in our families:

  1. Be okay withholding some activities and opportunities until an appropriate milestone. While coffee is a fun one, we also talked about things like bank accounts, owning an animal, and helping with family decisions.
  2. Have regular family meetings. This helpful practice keeps us in communication and discussion of the roles and opportunities available as a child grows and develops.
  3. Set age appropriate significant tasks. Start your children with chores early and grow them into bigger tasks such as cleaning, dishes, laundry, cooking, shopping and budgeting for the family, and even researching for large family purchases such as the next vehicle.
  4. Get your child involved in something of eternal value. In our setting, there are lots of opportunities for service at church, volunteering in the community and getting involved in mission trips.

We encourage you to start planning some rites of passages and significant tasks for your family. We mentioned a couple of great resources for further study by Walker Moore – You Wanna Pierce What? and Rite of Passage Parenting. Check them out and as always…. Be Abnormal!

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