IS THAT NORMAL? Podcast – Episode 24 NOTES

In this EPISODE, we talk about the biggest, deepest, most foundational question of all humanity – who do you think you are? In answering that question, we take a look at Mark Driscoll’s book and study guide of the same name.

This book is a study of the biblical book of Ephesians and pulls out fifteen powerful statements that define who we are when we are “in Christ”. Among them are the concepts that we are Saints, Adopted, Heard and Accepted. It further helps us see that we often look to wrong things to find our identity when we should be looking to our Creator.

Here’s a great acronym to help us evaluate if we are looking in the wrong places (IDOL):

  1. Items – the trap of materialism
  2. Duties – the trap of leaning on our own strength and ability
  3. Others – the trap of putting others in a place that only God can fill
  4. Longings – the trap of wanting things our way rather than God’s way

Some ideas to help parents have this conversation with their children is:

  1. Read the book of Ephesians and pull out the identity statements found there.
  2. Consider getting Mark Driscoll’s book WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? and its companion Study Guide.
  3. Find ways to affirm our God given identity in ours and our children’s lives. Some of the ways we do that is change our language and check our goals.

Until next week – Be Abnormal!

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