Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 47 – Go Grow Yourself!

Discipleship can be an elusive concept to discuss. Simply put, discipleship is the process by which we grow closer to Jesus and being who He wants us to be. In this episode we look at why that is so important for us as individuals and parents.

Here are some of the big action areas we discussed for personal discipleship:

  • KNOWING. It’s that daily pursuit of knowing and experiencing who Jesus is better. That includes reading our Bible, prayer, listening to Him, learning to obey His commands, and being still.
  • SERVING. Jesus said people would know we are his followers by our love for one another. As individuals and families we need to be serving in our church and our community.
  • CONNECTING. God points out early on that it is not good for man (or woman) to be alone. We must be pursuing intentional relationships for the purpose of accountability and mutual learning.
  • GIVING. Jesus said where your treasure is, your heart is also. We must be planned givers to the ministries of God’s church. Share that plan with your kids and teach them to do the same.
  • SHARING. If what Jesus did for us on the Cross and at the Resurrection really is the best news ever, we should share that with others. Do that and do it with your family.

We hope this episode helps you take the next steps in your personal growth towards Jesus as well as gives you resources to lead your family to Him. Be Abnormal!

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