IS THAT NORMAL? Podcast – Episode 16 NOTES

In this EPISODE we explore that elusive experience of helping our families love and know the Bible. We identify some of the big barriers and then move to SIX WAYS to overcome and foster that love for God’s Word.

Here are the SIX WAYS:

  1. READ THE BIBLE. We explore the need to read the Bible to our children, read the Bible ourselves, and read the Bible together with our children. Some of the resources we discussed were the Christian Standard Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and YouVersion. A couple of great introductory YouVersion reading plans are Deeper into Scripture: Ephesians and Together in Scripture: The Crucified King.
  4. FIND GREAT RESOURCES TO HELP LEARN AND APPLY GOD’S WORD. We discussed parent components to standardized Sunday School curriculum, revisited YouVersion, and addressed the need for a tool to learn a systemic theology. A few ideas on that lasts part are The Westminster Shorter Catechism, Mere Christianity, and Experiencing God.
  5. SERVE TOGETHER IN JESUS NAME. We encourage you as a family to look for ways to be involved in ministry together. This acts as a way to make Scripture come to life.
  6. PRAY FOR THEM. Ultimately, we can only offer opportunities. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict our children’s hearts, and the personal decision of our children to accept God’s invitation.

Lastly, we remind ourselves that this is a process and a journey. There will be hard days but do not despair; the fight is worth it! So grab one or two of these ideas and put them into practice.

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