Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 98 – New School Year Resolutions

It’s Back-To-School time and that brings fall sports, new outfits and the freshest trapper keepers and themed lunch boxes (or at least that’s what it meant for us!). But it is also a great time to make start or restart some good habits.

Here are the suggestions we make in this episode:

  1. Get up a little bit earlier.
  2. Make family Bible reading and prayer time a priority.
  3. Encourage intentional friendships.
  4. Evaluate extracurricular commitments.
  5. Make a reading plan. YouVersion and the Foundations Devotional are two great resources.
  6. Look for service opportunities.
  7. Make a routine prayer time for schools
  8. Welcome and include new people.
  9. Bless a teacher.
  10. Enjoy the season.

Try out a couple of these suggestions this week. Also send us your best advice or greatest stories as we prepare for our 100th episode. You can contact us at Be Abnormal.

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