Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 97 – 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager REVIEW

We all have questions. Teenagers have LOTS of questions. As parents, one of our biggest challenges is how to answer and direct those questions. Kara Powell and Brad Griffin’s book 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager is here to help!

In this episode we review this book, which is a continuation of previous research work done by Fuller Youth Institute, and discuss how it can help us point our children to the better answers Jesus gives.

In my two decades as a youth pastor, I was asked a lot of questions by teenagers.  The three most common were as follows:

  • “How far is too far to go with my boyfriend/girlfriend?”
  • “Can I have a soda out of the church fridge?”
  • “What is God’s will for my life?”

While I was always glad to address these and the dozens of other questions, what I really wanted to do was help them realize the real questions behind their questions.  Powell and Griffin point out that all of humanity (which includes teenagers) have three basic questions: 

  1. Who Am I? (The Question of Identity)
  2. Where Do I Fit? (The Question of Belonging)
  3. What Difference Can I Make? (The Question of Purpose)

This research driven book is a must-have resource for youth workers, parents, and concerned adults.  In it they help us realize the flaws in how we tend to answer those questions and push us to discover the better answers that Jesus gives.  They also include very practical tools to help you ask the young people in your life good questions.  It helped remind me all people (young and old) are looking for ways to find identity, belonging and purpose.  May we take the time to listen to the questions people are asking and help direct them to the answers Jesus gives! Be Abnormal.

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