Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 95 – Ice Cream, Abortion, and Other Polarizing Things

While we all might like different flavors of ice cream, it’s not hard to find common ground. So many of the other issues facing us today aren’t as easy, and we might find ourselves on opposite sides with our own family. In this episode we explore why and how to engage in discussion over these divisive topics.

Our kids are going to form opinions – oftentimes strong opinions – on the current cultural hot buttons. Issues like LGBTQ+ rights, gender identity, racial reconciliation, abortion, and a myriad of tough political issues permeate the social conscience and social media.

Here’s a few thoughts on how to engage discussion with our family:

  • Ask good questions that lead to understanding the other sides position.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Stick to the facts. Do your homework.
  • Point to the truth, and remember that truth is a person – Jesus!
  • Have the hardest conversations along with food. Food makes everything better!
  • Pray for solutions. Take a look at Psalm 103:6 together.

Remember this is a process. Invite your children to go on the journey of finding the truth of these issues together. Until next time…Be Abnormal!

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