Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 67 – What To Do When You Blow It With Your Kids!

Here are some highlights of the steps we discussed in responding to our “blowing it” moments with our kids:

  • Don’t be passive. We need to be initiative and intentional in our response.
  • Make seeking God a priority. Our healing and forgiveness starts with confessing our sins to God and asking for His grace. He almost always then challenges us to seek and offer forgiveness to others.
  • Say “I’m sorry” with no “buts” attached.
  • Maintain an attitude of brokenness. We need to model humility and a reliance on God.

If you missed the first part of this series – Episode 66 – What To Do When Your Kids Blow It – make sure to check that out. We also recommend Dr. Tim Kimmel’s book “Why Christian Kids Rebel” if you want to dig deeper into these issues. Until next time… Be Abnormal.

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