Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 66 – What To Do When Your Kids Blow It!

While “blowing it” could mean everything from ignorance to out-and-out rebellion, there are some common things to remember when responding to your children’s failure:

  • Remember the Goal. We aren’t just trying to fix a problem; we are guiding a life.
  • Recognize their increasing need for independence. Allowing their own decisions and natural consequences is super valuable.
  • Value the relationship. We are fighting for them; not with them. Make a safe place for them to repent and restore.

So here’s some of the practical ideas we shared on how to do those things:

  • Start with God and His Truth. Realize God has more control, desire, and influence for your child than you do.
  • Don’t try to save face. Don’t apologize, sanitize, or hide their failures for them.
  • Let consequences do their job.
  • Keep communication open.

Several of our ideas we shared came from Dr. Tim Kimmel’s book “Why Christian Kids Rebel”. It’s a great resource if you want to dig deeper into these issues. Make sure to check out our next episode as we look at the other side of this “blowing it” problem. Until then, Be Abnormal!

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