Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 61 – What To Do When Your Family is at DEFCON 2

We all have an idealized picture of the perfect family in our mind. For a lot of us it’s the nuclear family. Not the one hiding in a bunker to avoid radiation poisoning, but the one that consists of dad, mom, and 2.5 children living in a detached suburban home that was popularized in the 1950s. Today, however, few families truly look like that. In this episode we take a look at why that might not be all bad.

A lot of our inspiration came from a detailed article by researcher and author David Brooks. If you have time you should read it. However, here are some of the points we gleaned as we applied it to our Christian families:

  • The nuclear family created independence; we are called to create interdependence. The Bible often examples and encourages an interconnected group of corporate families over an isolated family unit.
  • The nuclear family created insulation; we are called to be inclusive. We are not to just take care of our own needs but to look to the needs of others.
  • The nuclear family prioritized immediate economy; we want to prioritize investment. Our great challenge is to look to the future to provide hope, faith and health for our children and beyond.

Lots of good questions come out of this episode. Have those discussions this week evaluating who you need to include, where you need to plug in, and what hope looks like for the next generation. Until next time, Be Abnormal!

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