Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 50 – Book Review: Family Driven Faith

We all want to influence our children. The most important area of influence should be their love of and obedience to Jesus. In Voddie Baucham’s book Family Driven Faith, he lays out a compelling case as well as practical applications for becoming those kind of influencers.

Some of the key areas of application are:

  • personal discipleship
  • establishing a worldview for our children
  • teaching the Bible to your family
  • emphasizing moral truth
  • practicing family worship
  • prioritizing your family
  • being an intentional leader

Ultimately, Voddie lays out a compelling case for evaluating your family and choosing to put God first. This is a challenging book based on biblical principles that encourage us to be abnormal (something we like to think about around here!). We encourage you to put this book on your “to read” list. We also would recommend these prior episodes of our podcast for further related content:

Until next week – Be Abnormal!

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