Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 40 – Do You Know What Time It Is?

Setting healthy boundaries for our teenagers and young adults is important and challenging. In this episode we share some of our experiences with curfews and give some thoughts on how to set them for your children.

While the concept of curfews is not a one-size-fits-all approach, there are some basic ideas that have helped us in this area:

  • Clear communication. Talk about your overall plan ahead of time. Make the boundaries clear. Set an expectation of how your children will ask you about going on an outing and setting a curfew.
  • Blanket rules with situational provisions. Setting a basic guideline for week nights and weekends with the provision that we can adjust either way situationally upon discussion.
  • Established consequences. Again, decide ahead of time and communicate what the consequence will be for a little late, a lot late, a breach of trust, etc.
  • Have an Umbrella of Grace both directions. Establish this is a work in progress as our children grow and mature. Have good conversations. Involve them in the decision making. And have the understanding that the parent reserves the right to say no.

Until next week – Be Abnormal!

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