Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 38 – I’m Gonna Do What’s Called a Pro Gamer Move!

Video Games and all of the supporting things that go with them have grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry. With their marketing solidly pointed at today’s young people, we as parents need to know how to help them navigate this growing cultural phenomenon.

In today’s episode, we discuss how today’s video gaming culture has a unique set of challenges and benefits that need to be understood and addressed. Here are some of the major areas of discussion for parents:

  1. CONTENT. We need to be aware of the mature content found in many of today’s games, as well as the possibility of other gamers introducing content to the game. Make sure you know what the ratings and settings are for the games your children are playing. Also, review sites like common sense media and others now include information about the content found in games.
  2. DISRUPTION. Video games have been shown to be potentially addictive. We need to help our children have a healthy schedule and grow into the ability to self-regulate.
  3. ENGAGEMENT. We need to also be engaging our children in discussion about what they like about the games they play. Maybe we need to play some games with them. We also need to point out the skills that some of these games can develop, as well as help them research what real-life jobs could benefit from those skills.
  4. DEVELOPMENT. We must remember that we are trying to teach, guide, train, and model for our children to grow up to be adults. Use these discussions as a way to help them prioritize goals and make healthy choices.

In conclusion, do the hard work of helping your children navigate this enormous cultural issue. Be Abnormal!

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