Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 35 – Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Each summer thousands of teenagers converge on college campuses all over the country to experience Christ In Youth’s MOVE Summer Conference. We have been taking students to these events for over twenty years. This year, however, things are very different, but the mission and message of CIY MOVE continues!

In our interview with CIY MOVE director Lane Moss, we hear about their journey to retool what they do. “We have always said ‘we are not an events organization; we are a calling-students-to-Kingdom-work organization.'” Moss defines Kingdom work as a biblical concept that is “simply using whatever you have to point people to Jesus’ kingdom and not your own.”

Our students, along with many others around the country, will be participating this week in MOVE/AT – the do-it-on-your-own version of CIY’s program. We encourage you to pray for those students, their leaders, and Christ In Youth. If you would like to know more about Christ In Youth, visit their website at

If you are a parent of a student at MOVE/AT, Lane gave some great questions for you to ask when they get home:

  1. What did you talk about?
  2. What did you learn about the Holy Spirit?
  3. Did you feel like something needs to be revived?
  4. Did you open a Kingdom worker card?

Enjoy listening to what God did in your students’ lives this week! And remember, Be Abnormal!

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