Is That Normal? Podcast Episode 34 – Dad Jokes and Dad Bods with Josh Burchell

They say laughter is the best medicine, but can humor help us relate and direct our teens and young adults in their journey towards maturity and faith? In today’s episode, we talk about how we’ve handled that and explore some of the pros and cons of comedy.

Some of the goals in humor we discussed were:

  1. Affirmation and Acceptance. A well placed or inside joke can help us make our children feel special and connected to us.
  2. Recreation. Life is hard and serious. Sometimes we have to lighten the intensity with some laughter.
  3. Therapy. It takes an act of faith to rise above the hardships of life and gain a more balanced perspective.
  4. Correction. This is one we have to be very careful with but can be used in the right heart in the right way to point out inconsistent or incorrect thinking in our children.

We also discussed how to find the right boundaries and balance, focusing on the building up of others and the betterment of our relationships. And we ended with a fabulous discussion on whether or not Jesus was funny.

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