IS THAT NORMAL? Podcast – Episode 12 NOTES

Today’s EPISODE dealt with some of the science behind what is going on inside the brains of young people. We explored some of the key things we need to know and how to respond as parents and adults in their lives during this stage of development.

If you’d like to read some more about the brain studies we referenced, you can check out the one from the University of Pennsylvania here, the one by Dr. Jay Giedd here, and the one from John Hopkins University here. Some of the big take-aways from these studies are:

  1. Their brains are losing mass by about 1% a year following puberty.
  2. This is the “Use It or Lose It” time of development
  3. This process may not be fully complete (aka their brains aren’t fully developed) until they are 22-25!

Some advice for parents and adults as a result of this information is:

  1. Remember they are still developing
  2. Emphasis rest, nutrition and healthy habits during this time period
  3. Be present and involved as they need a lot of guidance and direction.
  4. Also remember they need a lot of grace and patience from you.

We really hope this information is encouraging as you navigate these critical developmental years. Remember they are literally losing their minds so Be Abnormal!

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